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Affiliate Marketing Content

Get Promotional Content!

Ensuring that you are promoting your product, service, or content effectively is a key component to reaching your intended target audience. Successful marketing with engaging content also provides an excellent user experience which is crucial to increasing daily traffic to your business. With my promotional content, you can be confident that your product, service, or purpose will be achieved and will enhance your ability to draw the attention of the consumer(s) you are wanting to target. 


My content services are designed to take away the difficulty of mastering user experiences and marketing your work!

Note: I do not use copyrighted materials, download illegal content, or purchase any promotional items from a third party for resale. All content produced are developed and written by me for your free use after your purchase of the service.

Social Media Posts


You can get your product, service, or blog posted by me on my Social Media Platforms I am the Admin of for promotional purposes OR you can get a Promotional Post written by me that you may use anywhere for advertisement purposes. You must include your own visuals for the post. Posts only include written content portions of the post.

$3 for 1-3 posts

$6 for 4-6 posts

$15 for 7-10 posts

Blog Article/Post

$10 per article

Having difficulty writing a blog article for a certain topic, product, or service? No worries! I will be happy to write one for you. Just send me some details regarding what the article will need to be about, the keywords you would like included within the article (if applicable), and you will be all good to go.

Affiliate Marketing Content

$20 Monthly

When it comes to affiliate marketing, it is crucial to stay updated on the latest trends with products and services. Promoting one specific product or service is challenging due to this reason and constantly having to come up with new content for each thing you promote makes it even worse!

That is why I am offering you the best of both worlds for just one low monthly fee.

With this subscription, you receive:

- 3 blogs per month written for a product/service of your choice

- 1 Facebook Post written for up to 4 products/services of your choice (4 total)

Promote a variety of products/services hassle-free!

Across all three of my content services, you will receive the following:

  • Quality, engaging wording designed to draw readers/viewers of your niche and target audience.

  • The inclusion of your keywords provided if applicable.

  • Content written specific to your product, service, or topic to ensure your marketing intent is highlighted. 

What I Need From You:

  • Please provide details regarding the product, service, or topic for the content that you wish for me to complete. State the following information within a document upon submission of your order below:

    1. The product, service, or topic that is to be promoted/discussed​​

    2. Any keywords you want used (if applicable)

    3. Any links to the product/service in the event I need to do additional research for information purposes

Things To Know:

  • I will provide 1 revision on work ONLY for errors I make on your original order (e.g.spelling errors, improper grammar, wrong product/service/topic discussed, etc.). You will have 1 week after an order is submitted to request a revision.

  • Revisions will not be completed on orders for requests that were not made within your original order (e.g. asking for an additional keyword or service to be added that was not submitted at the time of purchase).

  • Refunds are not provided. All orders are final. 

  • Orders will be submitted to you via email in PDF form. You may then copy/paste them into the program of your choice to add your images and links accordingly prior to posting the content wherever you choose. 

  • Orders typically take up to 7 business days to complete depending on your order request(s). If you ever require a faster delivery date, you may purchase Express Delivery at any time. You may also request a specific delivery date in your order form to see if it is one that can be met. However, there is no guarantee that your requested date will be met if it is sooner than 7 business days. 

Express Delivery Pricing

*Note: A purchase for one of the above services must be made PRIOR to becoming eligible for Express Delivery. Express Delivery is based upon proof of purchase and is PER PACKAGE/ORDER. You cannot apply 1 Express Delivery purchase to multiple  packages or order items (e.g. 1 Day Delivery for 2 orders of blog articles. Each article requires a separate purchase of Express Delivery).

1 Day Delivery $15 per order

2 Day Delivery $10 per order

3 Day Delivery $5 per order


How do I submit an order?

Please use the order form below to place your order.

Can Express Delivery be applied to a single order of a Social Media Post package or any of the Affiliate Marketing Content?

Yes. If you purchased any of the Social Media Posts packages ($3, $6, or $15 package), any of the Express Delivery options can be applied to a single order of any of those 3 packages. You will not need to purchase Express Delivery for each post included within your package. 

For Affiliate Marketing Content, you will need to purchase Express Delivery for EACH blog article and/or Facebook Post you want to apply it to.

For Blog Articles, you will need to purchase Express Delivery for EACH blog article you wish to apply it to.

How long are the blog articles?

Typically each blog article will have an introduction and conclusion paragraph along with 3-4 body paragraphs depending on the purpose of your article. Too long of an article can drive away a consumer depending on the niche and article's purpose, so article length will vary.


Will the content be SEO optimized?

All content I write strives to be SEO optimized by including keywords related to your product, service, or topic. 

Will Pictures/Visuals be included with my content?

All content (Blog Articles/Social Posts) only include the written portion for you to utilize to promote and advertise your service, product, or topic. It is expected that you will be applying your own pictures or visuals of your product/service once you receive the PDF Form of your purchased written content from me. This is to ensure I do not include copyrighted materials and can provide cheaper prices for your content, as adding customized visuals will result in a higher price due to me creating them myself. If you are in need of pictures or visuals to help promote your product/service, please specify this within your order detail document and we can discuss your options. 

I have more than 10 posts I want promoted on Facebook. What are your prices for that?

Please message me using the contact button below or online chat so we can discuss your needs and develop a custom price.

I do not see what I need in your packages. What should I do?

Please reach out to me with any requests or questions you may have. I will be happy to see if I can accommodate or help you in any way!

If you have any questions before ordering, please feel free to contact me. 

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  • Content Creation

    Every month
    Marketing Content For Promoting Products & Services
    • 3 Blog Articles Per Month
    • 4 Facebook Posts Per Month
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