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Receive Feedback To Improve Your Services

Hello! If you are a freelancer or business owner who offers a service and would like to receive feedback on what improvements you can make to your service, the following benefits are offered:

1.  A check for spelling/grammar errors

2. A description of overall thoughts on the appearance of your service

3. Recommendations for improving your service (keywords, SEO, appearance, etc.)

4. Any errors/bugs on usability when viewing the service if any occur, as well as how to correct them if a resolution is known

This is a great opportunity to perfect your service! Please fill out the form below with your feedback request if you are interested in receiving feedback from me.

Please contact me for requests of 5 or more service feedbacks.

Note: Once I am done with my feedback, you will receive a notification stating that your feedback is ready and has been completed. You will be able to view part of the feedback in PDF format. To view the full PDF document of my feedback, you will need to submit payment.

Price: $5 for each service that I provide feedback on (4 services would be $20). 5 or more services will receive a custom price/deal. Contact me for that customized pricing.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me!


Feedback Request Form

Please put your service links here so I can review them. They must be links. Without links, I cannot review your service.

Your request has been submitted. I will contact you shortly! Whitelist my email so your feedback does not end up in the spam folder. If you do not receive your order within 5 days, contact me on this website.

An error occurred. Please complete all required fields above before submitting.

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