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Click 'Read More' to access information about how you can improve your gig if you provide photography related services.


Fiverr has made changes to the way they rank the gigs of freelancers on their platform, as well as recommend gigs to buyers. This is why buyer requests are no longer available. Instead, Fiverr now allows buyers to request a service they are seeking. Fiverr then scans their algorithm to try and find gigs that best match the request made by the buyer and notifies the seller of the gigs that are found to be a match.


Sellers must now optimize their gigs accordingly to ensure that their gig is a match. If they fail to do this, their gig will be less likely to get ranked and matched with future buyers.

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How Do I Optimize My Gig?


One way to do this is by utilizing keywords. Keywords are what tells the algorithm that your gig is specific to a service niche or category rather than a generic or broader range service.

Good keywords to use for Photography would be:

  • Photoshop

  • Beauty retouch

  • Photoshop editing

  • Photographer

  • Photography

  • Lifestyle

You should be placing these keywords in your gig title, description, tags, and service plans.

Find Buyers Outside Of Fiverr 

It can take time for Fiverr to optimize your gig within its algorithm or even recommend your gig to a buyer. This is due to the high competition rates on the platform, the amount of variation of buyers requesting for services within your gig category, and how well you implement the gig setup process.

Marketing your gig outside of Fiverr is crucial to getting orders faster and more efficiently so you aren’t depending on Fiverr finding the buyers for you. This method can be much faster and more successful!

Here’s a couple methods on how you can find buyers outside of Fiverr and direct them to your Fiverr gig:

  • Google search

To find exactly what you type into google, put what you type into quotation marks (for example, "logo design"). To find all variations or similarities to what you type and broaden your search results, type an asterisk before your search query then end it in a quotation mark (for example, *logo design"). This will find logo design related content, as well as suggest other content you may not be thinking about that can help you (graphic design).

  • Facebook Groups

You should be joining Facebook Groups where your ideal customers are likely to be members in and adding valuable content to that group. This gives members the opportunity to engage with you, your content, and learn more about what you have to offer.

If You Need Help With Implementing Your Keywords And Want Additional Feedback On Your Gig To Ensure You Have The Right Setup, I Provide A Feedback Service That Helps You Do The Following:

  • Corrects Spelling and Grammar in Gig Description

  • Includes Suggested Keywords/Tags

  • Recommendations For Gig Improvements

  • Gig Title Suggestions (If needed)

Feedback Service is $5 per gig and payment is due after my feedback is completed.

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