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Showcase your knowledge, services, expertises, etc. to your employers, customers, buyers, and more by presenting a professional Portfolio and Résumé/CV for just $5 per Portfolio or Résumé. Every Portfolio and Résumé is customizable with the following:

1. Your own picture or logo

2. Color choice or color hex code if known

3. The links to your website, gig, socials, and email

4. Skills you provide

5. Work experiences

6. Gig packages, prices, and number of revisions if applicable

.....and More!

Check Out The Galleries Below For Examples Of The Portfolios and Résumés You Can Receive!



Customized Cover Letters are available for an additional $5 per Cover Letter.

To Place An Order, Please Fill Out An Order Form Below With As Much Detail As Possible.

If You Have Any Questions, Please Feel Free To Contact Support. 


1. Are refunds available?

Refunds are not available for Portfolios or Résumés. All sales are final. However, revisions for spelling errors or error in the original order requests are available free of charge upon request. Please email the order back with a description or the error to

2. What Format will I receive my order in?

All orders will be finalized in PDF format.

3. When can I receive my order?

Orders are completed based on the amount of orders you placed, the request, and the queue of orders prior to yours. After completing your order form, you will receive an estimated delivery time for your order. Please ensure you complete all necessary fields of the order form to ensure no delays occur. If a field in the order form does not apply to you, please state 'N/A' for 'Not Applicable.'

5. Will the Portfolio and Résumé contain the same information?

Both may contain similar information. However, a Résumé is meant to showcase your personal experiences, education, skills, expertises, etc. while a Portfolio is meant to showcase your physical work, products, achievements, etc. Both are effective methods of visually presenting your qualifications and what you have achieved or done as a freelancer/business owner or employee.

6. Can I just get a gig description, buyer request, or Upwork proposal written?

Yes! This can be purchased as well without a need for purchasing a résumé or portfolio. Please complete the order form to order whichever service you need. Refunds are not available for gig descriptions, buyer requests, or Upwork proposals. However, you will receive 1 revision with your order upon requests made within 14 days after you received your completed order.

Every Order For Résumés/Portfolios Require A Submission Of A Previous Résumé Or PDF Document That Details The Following Information:

1. Your Name
2. Any contact information you want customers, buyers, or employers to know
3. All links to social media and/or your business/gig profile 
4. Your education, certifications, awards, etc. you want included
5. Your list of skills/expertise
6. Your picture or logo
7. An 'About Me' paragraph (this can be copied/pasted from your website, gig profile, etc.)
8. Top 3 Packages/Pricing Information listed if applicable  (Also can be copied/Pasted from your website or gig)
9. References (optional)
10. Samples of your work and/or product pictures. If you have file size issues in the order form, you can email them to me at

Orders For Buyer Requests/Upwork Proposals Require A PDF Document That Includes This Detailed List:

1. Your Name
2. Service(s) provided relevant to the client the proposal is for/Your Years of Experience
4. What Your Delivery Times Are Or Key Service Selling Points Are
5. Relevant past work examples, testimonial example, or past work experience of how you implemented your service to achieve success to serve a customer in a similar field if you have no work experience in this client's specific field.

Orders For A Written Fiverr Gig Description Require A PDF Document That Includes This Detailed List:

1. Your Keyword list you want in your description (if applicable)
2. Any specific statements you wrote/want included (if applicable)
3. A copy of your current gig description

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