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The Bio Link Landing Page is a fully customizable template that allows you to:

  • Choose the color/design of your pages
  • Add your logo, picture, or product picture across multiple pages
  • Includes 'About Me', 'What I Do,' and 'Contact Me' Pages
  • Attach your social media links to a clickable socials icons on the contacts page
  • Add links to 2 clickable buttons on the First page that serves as an Introductory Page


This is perfect for those who wish to draw in their audience with a breif introduction of who they are, their expertise, or information about a company/product prior to a 'Call To Action' for a sale.


After customizing your page, you will be able to publish your page for free as a website and share your Landing Page link for everyone to view. They will be able to click that clickable button and be taken to the address you linked that button direct your audience to.


All orders are non-refundable.

Bio Landing Page

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