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If you are in the process of teaching your child the Year, Months, Days, etc. then this Children's Agenda is perfect for you!


How It Works


This Agenda is fully digital with hyperlinks so you can easily jump to the 12 months throughout the year. All information for the calendar within the Agenda is designed to be filled in by your child with your assistance as needed so that learning is optimized with loads of practice!


Filling in all details of the calendar ensures:

  1. Your child knows how to correctly write out each month/year in different formats
  2. Your child learns the names of each day throughout the week
  3. Your child is aware of how many days each month consists of
  4. Organization is optimized with reminders each month 


There's More!


Unlinke most Agendas, I have made each day its very own dedicated page versus having everything shown as one overwhelming whole weekly overview per week. Each daily page includes:

  1. A place for your child to write out the date/which day it is (Monday, Tuesday, etc.)
  2. An analysis of the day's weather to teach your child how to be mindful of it prior to starting the day
  3. The choice to write out the daily schedule in timeblocks or in a simple to-do checklist
  4. A reflection of your child's mood at the end of the day to assist in improving their communication on how they are feeling


This Digital Agenda is a PDF Standard file and will be downloadable after completing your order. It works well with apps that can read PDFs, such as Goodnotes, Notability, and Preview on Mac. If you have any issues accessing your download, please email support at with your order confirmation.

Children's Agenda!

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