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Having difficulty communicating with your child's teacher and/or classroom staff? Has it been a challenge to get consist notes written within your child's agenda daily letting you know how their day at school went?


I have developed a Teacher Report that is designed to help parents receive communication from their child's teacher in an easy, effective manner. 


During my experiences working within schools, I have found that many teachers become overwhelmed at the end of the schoolday with tasks, preparing students to be sent home, and trying to manage the classroom requirements. Agendas may not be filled out for every student due to the lack of time or a student's agenda simply gets missed unfortunately.


With my Teacher Report, teachers and classroom staff can quickly and effectively check off if your child had a good day or if they had any behaviors occurr. It will take seconds to just a couple minutes to complete rather than having to write out every detail. 


Printing these reports and sending it to the school in your child's backpack each day after discussing your wish to use them with the teacher is the most effective way in enhancing communication.


You will receive your downloadable PDF Teacher Report after checkout. If you have any issues accessing it, please email support at

Teacher Report

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