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2 If someone offers you a job that you don’t like, don’t take it. Offer them another one. This is known as the non-confrontational method of job searching. It’s one of those skills that people can learn, but only if they’re really serious about it. By taking a step back, it gives you the space and time to find something that works better for you. You can also use this method if you think you’re so good that you don’t need the job you’re currently working in. This method doesn’t work every time. But it’s also very effective. 6 Walk into an interview expecting to get the job. The only times this works are if you’re already successful, or if you’re an extremely confident person. Both those situations can make this method the go-to. So walk into an interview expecting to get the job. Say all the right things and you will be set. If the interviewer says no, well, they weren’t as confident in you as you were them. 7 Don’t give away your contact information. If you do this, you are allowing someone else to make choices about your life. You’re also giving them access to your deepest, darkest secrets. And once they’ve had access to those secrets, they might use them against you if they want to. So don’t make it easy for people to get into your life. Don’t give out your email address to employers. Don’t give out your phone number to strangers. Don’t give out your address to complete strangers. 8 Don’t quit your current job before your boss fires you. This just doesn’t make any sense. Why would you be willing to work for someone who could fire you at any time? It doesn’t make any sense. And if it ever happens, don’t try to find another job. Just get the hell out of Dodge. 9 Make a list of what you want, and what you don’t want. Write down what you want out of the job and what you don’t want. Make a list. One or the other. It





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