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Service Review

Contract Review

Hello! If you are a freelancer who offers a service and would like to receive a review on that service, you may do so! Here's how you can receive this Service Review for $9.95 per work sample submitted:




Determine what work sample you want to present to me as your demo. 

Complete the order form below with your work sample submission.

Develop a link or PDF file for me to view your work sample with details explaining what the work sample requests from customers were.

When your Service Review is completed, you will receive an Email or Facebook Notification with my review of your work sample. Screenshot the review of your work and post it on your profile as a testimony to your professionalism!

Don't like the review that you received from this service? No problem! DIO offers a Feedback Service for $5 that will ensure you can make the corrections necessary to get the 5 Star review you are seeking! Check it out and submit your order below.

If you previously purchased the Feedback Service and wish to have your Service Review updated, it can be done at NO EXTRA COST to you. The review update will be free and you will not need to resubmit an order form.

*Note: A disclaimer stating "I received payment for my honest review/rating of this service. It does not influence my rating or statements regarding this review." will be added to your review to abide by laws.


1. What if I have more than one review request?

    Please do one of the following:

-Submit all links to your sampled works and attach 1 document with all required information needed for me to complete the review. See order form below for more details

-Submit 1 document with all information and a copy of your sampled works if they do not allow you to share them with me via links.

Each work sample you want reviewed will cost $9.95. If you want 3 or more samples reviewed, contact me first 

2. I submitted multiple service links with my Feedback Service order. Can I receive my free updated review on all of them?

    Yes, if you submitted your initial Service Review order for those same links within the Feedback Service Order Form, you are eligible to receive your free updated review if you are not satisfied with the one you received.

Note, the Feedback Service and Service Review are separate. You must make an initial purchase of both services for your links in order to qualify for your free updated Service Review.

Service Reviews/Service Review Updates will not be provided on any services that are not submitted within your order form. 

3. I have received the Feedback Service in the past. Will I be eligible for the updated Service Review if I choose to request one?

    Yes! Just email a receipt or proof of your previous purchase of the service to and you can receive your free Service Review update that's included in your Service Review purchase. You will not be required to repurchase the Feedback Service unless the link or work sample for your requested updated review does not match the one you submitted in your proof of purchase within your previous Feedback Service. 

4. I am unhappy with my review and no longer want the service. Can I get a refund?

    All services are final and are non-refundable. Service reviews are meant to be based on a thorough and honest opinion of the online product or service you submit as it is demonstrated/presented at the time of your submission. This is why it is important that you provide as much detail about the work sample and what was requested of you so that I can make an honest judgement of your ability to fulfill that person's order and rate your work. Although there are no refunds, you can purchase my Feedback Service to enhance your skills or resubmit a new sample.

5. I submitted the wrong service or my service had an error in it. Can I resubmit it for a Service Review?

    You may request a resubmission along with the correct service you wish to have reviewed to prior to the Service Review being completed. *Please do this as soon as possible.* Waiting until after the Service Review is completed on your initial order will result in you having to purchase another Service Review for the corrected service. Once I complete work, you will be required to pay. I will not review another submission until receiving payment for all of my completed work.

6. What information needs to be sent in order to complete my order?

    All orders should include a document (google doc, microsoft word, or PDF) that clearly states what service is being presented as a work sample and what the original instructions for that sample were. For example, if you were instructed to create a business card logo and are presenting that logo you created as your work sample, your document should include the logo AND the instructions the customer gave to you in the logo design request. This ensures my review best matches how well you met the customer's request. Do not include the customer's personal information (phone number, name address, etc.).  


If you do not have any customer instructions to include, I will base my review on how professional your work sample looks, functions, meets the intentions/purpose it was intended for, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact me on Facebook Messenger, the online chat, or via the contact button below.

Thank You!

Order Form

Service Review Form

Make Sure Your Document Has The Following Information For All Of Your Sampled Work:

1. What Was The Client/Customer Of This Sampled Work Asking You To Do? (What Were The Instructions/Requests Given To You?)

Upload Document

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Thank you for submitting! Please whitelist my email so your order doesn't go to spam when completed. If you do not receive your order within 7 business days, contact me on this website using the online chat. 

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